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San Francisco is the fourth highest populated city in California and its rank in the entire country is twelfth. The population was estimated at around 809,000 in 2008. San Francisco is among the most densely populated areas in US. Even though a powerful earthquake and fire destroyed the city in 1906, it was rebuilt again rapidly to its original shape and glory. Over the years, San Francisco had developed into a favorite destination not only for the residents of US but for majority of international tourists.

The city had become famous for its chilly fog in summer, the diverse mixture of Victorian architecture with modern skyscrapers, the steep rolling hills that gives the city a unique appearance, and the famous landmarks of San Francisco, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Chinatown, and the cable cars. Hence, there is lot of scope for real estate development in this city and we plan to assist the real estate brokers of San Francisco with our unique 100% commission San Francisco schemes for earning handsome and regular income.

The growth of the city was boosted heavily by the dot-com boom in the late 1990s, with several new startup firms invigorating the city economy. Even after the bursting of the bubble in 2001 and smaller companies closed, the city was able to retain the larger high technology industries and able entrepreneurship, which are the drivers of the economy even now. The mild Mediterranean climate of the city is an added attraction, though cold currents existing in the Pacific Ocean near the city could suddenly bring the temperature sharply even in the peak of summer.

However, this had not deterred either the residents or the tourists thronging San Francisco due to its inherent attractions. In 2007, the visitors to the city exceeded 16 million, boosting the city economy by $8.2 billion. The median household income in 2007 was more than $65,500 and the median family income was above $81,000, with San Francisco ranking third in the country. This opportunity should be utilized by the real estate brokers of the city and join hands with us to gain from our 100% commission San Francisco program.

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