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Realty Source® Vs The virtual eXperience

Let’s look at the facts. This new eXperience is the hot new choice when it comes to brokerages, just as KW was 10 years ago. I was recently approached by a national publication about the differences in business models.

The analysis below is based upon the following factors:
12 transactions per year
Average price of $500k
Average of 2.5% Commission
Total GCI: $150,000

Realty Source Fees:

$1,188 Yearly Office Fees
$1,788 Closing Fees
$100 EO Fees


New hot eXperience Fees:


$99 “Startup” Fee
$420 “Tech” Fee
$600 “Monthly” Fees
$16,000 “CAP”
$1,500 “Fee” once capped
$500 “EO” Fee
$300 “File Review” Fees
$19,419 TOTAL FEES


Realty Source® agents will earn $16,343 MORE PER YEAR than a Virtual eXperience agent in the above-mentioned scenario.

But wait, this company offers stock options?!?! Let’s say you actually meet the criteria to earn the stocks, after the 3 year vesting period, what is your stock worth? Is it up? Down? If the real estate market takes a dive, what do you think will happen to the stock of a real estate brokerage?

Let’s say that you are a Realty Source® agent and invest the $16,343 YEARLY savings into marketing for your business that brings you a meager 2x return. You are earning an additional $32,686 PER YEAR that you are free to invest as you choose.

While waiting for your $16,000 in  stock to vest, the Realty Source® agent has invested $98,058 into their retirement fund, stocks, real estate, etc. The $16,000 in stock you might receive would have to increase 512% over those 3 years (good luck with that) to be comparable to a Realty Source agent.

The numbers don’t lie.

What can you do with an additional $98,058 over the next 3 years?

Is following the “herd” worth taking $98k out of your pocket? Smart agents would say no.

Are you ready to earn more?

Have questions? We’re here to help!

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