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100% Commission and Errors and Omission’s Insurance – Not all are created equal!

What is Errors and Omission’s Insurance (E&O)?
Errors and Omission’s insurance is to real estate agents what car insurance is to drivers. In the unlikely event that you are named in a lawsuit, an E&O Insurance claim will be filed. The E&O provider will provide legal representation on your behalf and pay any settlements up to the specified amounts in your policy.

At Realty Source we provide the highest rated insurance available on the market. While many other brokers buy discounted policies in an effort to trim costs, we sacrifice profit to ensure that our agents are adequately protected and still receive 100% Commission.

Our E&O Insurance provider has been an A.M. Best rated “A” insurer for over 100 years!

For 2018 we have added some exciting features:

  • Drone Usage Bodily Injury/Property Damage Coverage
  • Fraudulently Induced Fund Transfer Coverage of $25,000
  • Seller’s Shield
  • Public Relations Crisis Coverage
  • Disciplinary Action Assistance
  • Open House Coverage – Bodily Injury/Property Damage

Of course, our policy continues to offer coverage for agent-owned properties, all sale types, and provides $1m in protection.

Questions to ask potential brokers:

  1. What is the policy limit?
  2. What is the deductible?
  3. Is agent-owned property covered?
  4. What are the exclusions?
  5. What is the insurers rating?

When it comes time to select your new broker, it is extremely important to look beyond the surface. While fees and fancy offices can distract you from the true costs of doing business, be vigilant in your investigation of 100% Commission brokers.

Realty Source is the leader in 100% Commission real estate brokers in California.



Are you ready to earn more?

Are you ready to earn a TRUE 100% Commission?

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