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The current real estate market is challenging and many agents find it very difficult to secure clients. Also, when a closing occurs, and the check is too small to be excited about. This is why most real estate agents are either leaving the business, or are quickly moving towards 100% commission companies such as Realty Source.

There is a movement in the real estate industry known as a 100% commission business model, where an agent is given the entire commission amount upon closing the deal for a small monthly fee. Depending on the “100%” company, an agent may or may not truly get the full amount. Many companies that claim to be “100% commission” are actually in reality keeping 10% to 30% of the actual gross commission.

With Realty Source, this business model and 100% commission in general is changing. Unlike other companies that claim to be working on the 100% commission business model, they actually back up their claims and ensure that all their agents/brokers are given 100% without any hassle whatsoever. You don’t have to wait for your money and every closing is paid direct from escrow. The most exciting part of Realty Source is the support from the company, which is, after all, what an agent in distress might require the most. If you have any doubts or have any questions regarding how it works, you can rest assured that you have unparalleled support available when you need it the most.

There are three 100% commission programs offered by Realty Source. The first plan (Plan 1) is the most popular. This is a plan which charges a small monthly office fee and gives you all the benefits that a Realty Source agent receives. In exchange for a small monthly fee of $99 a month, agents will receive the entire commission. When they say the entire commission, they mean the entire amount; no strings attached! All that is deducted is the insurance amount on the transaction, which also works out to be $99 per transaction. This is the most popular plan. $99 per month and $99 per closing…That’s IT!

The second plan (Plan 2) is similar to the first one, but the agent will be paying a lesser amount of money per month. If an agent chooses this option, they are charged $39 per month. This plan also comes with a fee of $399 per closing, which is still an extremely small amount and yet another option at California’s fastest growing Real Estate Company.

The last plan (Plan 3) is for those real estate agents and brokers who don’t close enough homes to justify the monthly fee. In this plan, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee in order to be associated with Realty Source. In lieu of the monthly fee, agents pay a small closing fee of $599 per transaction.

Realty Source is a licensed Californa real estate e broker.

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