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Fresno is California’s fifth largest city, with a population of 500,000.100 commission fresno It is situated at a distance of 322 km north of Los Angeles in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. This county is also bordered by 8 additional counties, most notably Madera, Merced, and Monterrey. Fresno in Spanish means an ash tree and its flag features an ash tree leaf. Fresno is situated at the junction of Highway 41 and Highway 99 and hence, it is easily accessible to visitors from Los Angeles and all of Southern California. Tourists to Sierra National Forest and Kings Canyon National Parks would find traveling to them through Fresno much easier. Due to these facts, we attach great importance to Fresno realty market and invite real estate brokers to become part of our 100% Commission Fresno scheme.

Fresno is located in central California as is 205 miles from Los Angeles, 255 miles from San Francisco, and 506 miles from San Diego, 252 miles from Sacramento (State capital), and 196 miles from San Jose. The climate of the city is similar to a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and mild winters. However, due to scanty rains and a desert-like climate, agriculture is somewhat difficult in the Fresno region. Hence, Fresno is considered one of the ideal real estate markets in California and our promotional offer of 100% Commission Fresno should be of great help to real estate brokers in Fresno. The median income for a household is above $32,000 and the median income for a family is nearly $36,000 in Fresno.

The real estate market suffered a setback in 1995, when a sting operation by FBI revealed that several top politicians in Fresno and Clovis received bribes for allotting farmland areas for housing development. This had made it tough for manipulative real estate operators to buy cheap land and sell it for huge housing profits. In spite of that, the population of Fresno had been steadily growing and the city had climbed to the position of the thirty-sixth largest in US from a rank of forty-seventh in 1990.

fresno 100% commissionFurther, the action of the city council in ordering the demolition of many old structures and buildings is boosting the real estate and construction industry. This had provided a good opportunity for Fresno real estate brokers to profit by involving themselves actively in this renewed Fresno realty market renaissance and participating in our 100% Commission Fresno program.

Fresno County is home to many 100% Commission real estate agents and realtors in Auberry, Big Creek, Biola, Bowles, Calwa, Cantua Creek, Caruthers, Centerville, Clovis, Coalinga, Del Rey, Dunlap, Easton, Firebaugh, Fowler, Fresno, Friant, Highway City, Huron, Kerman, Kingsburg, Lanare, Laton, Mendota, Mercey Hot Springs, Minkler, Orange Cove, Parlier, Pinedale, Prather, Raisin City, Reedley, Riverdale, Rolinda, San Joaquin, Sanger, Selma, Shaver Lake, Squaw Valley, Tarpey Village, Three Rocks, Tollhouse, Tranquility.

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