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The real estate market today is not quite like it used to be. During the past few years, homes in prime locations such as: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, etc. would get sold instantly. But today, even after slashing rates by as much as 70%, you might find that there is a smaller amount of qualified buyers, and a shrinking inventory. For these exact reasons, it is a benefit to join a company that can help you sustain your business and also offer a true 100% commission on each home that you close. It might sound like it is too good to be true, but believe it or not, there is such an organization in the market today.

Realty Source is one such company that offers true 100% commission to its members. Unlike other 100% commission real estate companies, Realty Source actually does give you 100% of the commission back and does not hold back a certain percent of the commission for fees, E&O Insurance, etc. All agents are even given access to continuous support, which is something an agent must have if there is no previous experience in this kind of a business model.

Realty Source offers 3 flexible commission plans to choose from. The cheapest plan actually lets you stay with Realty Source for no monthly fee. For the agents who are not selling a consistent number of properties, or work in real estate part time, this is the best plan to go with. For this plan, agents pay a “Per Transaction” fee, which stands at $599 and includes insurance!

The second option has a small monthly fee, wherein you are going to pay a small monthly fee, which would be $39. For this plan, you only pay $399 per closing. For agents closing 1-3 transactions per year, this is the most cost effective program.

The third option is the most popular one and is preferred by most agents, as it is a small monthly fee in exchange for all of their commission. With this commission plan, agents pay just $99 per month and only $99 per closing. When you are closing 3+ properties per year, this plan is the most beneficial. In fact, compared to other companies which claim to provide 100% commission, you will find that this plan is the highest 100% commission plan in California.

The best part of Realty Source might not be these flexible plans. In fact, it might be of interest to know that joining Realty Source doesn’t mean that you will be forced to attend meetings regularly or even have requirements on the amount of closings you must have. You can continue doing business as you want. Training is provided online through webinars and other convenient methods. You get access to free legal help and also have broker support available from 9am – 7pm daily, even weekends, which should help you feel confident in your real estate dealings.

Since this program is becoming so popular, Realty Source has a referral program where each agent gets paid for every referral that they make. In fact, it is not even a one-time cash bonus, it a recurring yearly bonus of $100 for each year that agent remains with the company. That’s a recurring bonus just for referring someone!

Realty Source is hiring Realtors throughout California. If you are looking to be on the highest commission plan in California, Join Realty Source.

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