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Situated along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, nestled between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, is the county of San Luis Obispo. Thanks to its distance from some of the more popular and modern cities dotted along the coast of California, San Luis Obispo happen to be one of the original ones, with much of the county still into agriculture and wineries. In fact, it is the third largest producer of wine in the state, with wine qualities rivaling the ones found in European wineries. Real estate agents which join the San Luis Obispo 100% commission programs will be surprised to see how they can easily increase their earnings.
When it comes to having a deep set history along with inspirational beginnings, few counties can come close to how it is with San Luis Obispo. This county which is also referred to as the “central coast” has not changed much since it original days. This county has a rural feel to it with agriculture being the prime occupation of the residents.

The other thing about the beautiful and picturesque county is that it happens to be one of the counties that are often visited by those who want to get a feel of the real California since most aspects of tradition are well preserved here. The entire county is scattered among lovely coastlines, lush hills and mountains along the coast. So, the diversity in types of property available here are large.

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