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Any person who is interested in the California real estate market would be able to join Realty Source, Inc. as a new real estate agent and operate from the area of their residence inside California. We offer a different fee structure to the new agents, with a monthly fee of $149. Still, the 100% commission plans would be applicable to them also and they could choose either of the two plans. Proper training would be provided to the aspiring agents in person and through web seminars, so that they are able to understand the functioning style of our company and perform successfully in their area.

At Realty Source, We pay for your first business card order. Our in-house graphic designer offers a lower price of $42 for 500 simple design business cards with UV coating for future purchases.

New agents might not be familiar with the mortgage loan procedures and the process of arranging them. Hence, in spite of being mainly a real estate company, to help the new agents, as well as our existing agents, we have made arrangements with a few select lenders. Each agent has the opportunity to originate loans with Provident Funding.

New agents would be adequately informed about home mortgage during their training, to enable them to discuss such matters freely with the clients. Apart from the 100% commission program, we also offer a $100 cash bonus to our real estate agents for referring a new agent to our company. This $100 cash bonus would be paid every year, as long as the referred agent works with the company. Could there be more reasons for joining Realty Source, Inc. as a new 100% commission agent?

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