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5 Reasons to join Realty Source

In 2018, it is the new trend to start a “100% Commission Brokerage”. However for over 10+ years, Realty Source has been the leader of the 100% Commission model. Our fees are the lowest in California and have not changed, ever.

Why should you join Realty Source?

Low Fees
Since 2006, our fees have not changed. We offer 2 commission plans (Monthly or Flat Fee Per Closing). Realty Source agents choose the commission plan that best fits their needs, not their broker. We believe in Spreading the Wealth, which allows us to offer the highest compensation package for California Realtors and Brokers.

No Hidden Fees
What you see is what you get…Our fees are all-inclusive and predictable. Our fees are straight-forward and easy to understand. At no point will you ever be charged fees for things such as tech fees, support fees, office fees, legal fees, etc.

World-Class Support
The Broker of Realty Source, Scott Engle, has been a fixture in the Industry for over 15 years. Starting at the agent of 19 and quickly becoming a top producer, Scott is one of the rare brokers who is accessible and has actually sold real estate at a high level.

Quick Commission Payment
Realty Source agents are paid via a Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA). This form allows agents to be paid directly from escrow the same day the seller receives their proceeds. Of course, this is contingent upon having turned in a complete file.

Let’s face it, there is always a new kid on the “block”. Realty Source has been a recognized name for over 12 years. One owner, no debt, no investors. While other companies have power struggles and strapping debt, Realty Source is well positioned to thrive during down markets.

Are you ready to earn more?

Are you ready to earn a TRUE 100% Commission?

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