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Who We Are

100% Commission. No gimmicks, loopholes, or hidden fees. It’s that simple.

Realty Source is Southern California’s only true 100% commission real estate agency. While many other brokerage firms claim to offer 100% commission, these offers are most often a thinly veiled ploy for quick payouts riddled with hidden fees, slowly eating away¬†a large chunk of your commission.

Over a decade of experience as a real estate agency has taught us that building strong financial success starts with building strong agent relationships. When we help you succeed, we succeed, too.

By following our principles of integrity, efficiency, and transparency, we’ve successfully created long-term partnerships with over 400 real estate agents through Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Bernardino and San Diego.


Simple for you, simple for us.

As an agent, we know that you put long hours, hard work, and precious energy in order to earn your commission. It should be yours to keep. We are here to be your partner in finding qualified buyers and sellers, and providing you the support along the way to drive sales, increase your efficiency, and bring you the next qualified client.
We know this philosophy is the reason we have over a 97% retention rate, and how our agent network has expanded to over 400 agents through Southern California.

Fee Structure

Flat Fee $599 Per Closing OR Low Monthly Rate of $99 it’s simple.

In exchange for our services, you can elect to pay a flat fee of $599 per closing, OR a low monthly rate of $99.
No matter which payment structure you choose, you’ll receive unparalleled support from top brokers, access to the best emerging technology for your business, free marketing resources and other business management tools designed to help you succeed.

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How We Work

How does a debt-free, 100% percent profitable company manage to offer a reasonable rate with no hidden fees and no hassle?

It all comes down to a strong business model and strong principles.

We focus on eliminating the unnecessary, so we can put our energy into what really counts for your bottom line and ours.

We allow our agents to work at home, giving them the flexibility they need while reducing overhead that most firms have to pay for through additional agent fees.

We use technology to make our business model more efficient, providing the tools needed to streamline your daily operations, so you can do less and make more. That means more time to spend doing what matters to you.

Lastly, we work with a clear conscience. If you decide your experience with us isn’t right for you, or doesn’t deliver on our promise, we offer a money back guarantee on your first transaction. At your request, we will return 100% of the fees you have paid to us for your first transaction, and you are free to leave.

Realty Source. Success made simple.

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