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Realty Source, Inc. is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in California, even in these times of economic slowdown. The main reason for this is our revolutionary approach to the real estate market, breaking away from the conventional path. We realized that the traditional real estate marketing techniques would not be completely effective after the sharp turnaround in the housing industry in California. We believed that only innovative programs and approaches would bring in success both to us and the local real estate agents that associate with us from the different cities in California. This premise led us to this 100% commission scheme which not only appeals to the agents but also financially benefits them in these down conditions in our real estate market, particularly in California. Our 100% commission CA is one such program, with several optional components to choose from, so that the individual real estate agents would be able to select the plan that is most suitable to the operational style and local market conditions of the broker.

Path Breaking Concept

The 100% commission CA program is designed to change the perception that brokers have about real estate companies that had been offering 100% commission in the past. The chief deficiency of such companies was the lack of adequate ground support to the agents in many crucial aspects. We decided that this should not continue anymore and the agents who toil hard in the field should not only gain monetarily but also have the tools and means to succeed. Our deep knowledge of the California real estate market over the past few decades and our wide experience in interacting with buyers, sellers, brokers, and financial institutions helped us in developing a comprehensive program that would help us achieve our desired goals. At Realty Source, Inc. it is neither high commissions with low support nor high support with low commissions but 100% commission CA scheme with 100% support.

100% Support

Our agents spread throughout California and operating from remote locations are be able to contact us from 9-00 am to 7-00 pm every day. They are provided with free access to our legal hotline on a 24×7 basis. We offer a free individual agent webpage. We do not thrust any kind of mandatory office meetings and we do not burden the brokers with targets or minimum sales volumes. It is up to the broker to decide how much earnings he/she should make. The brokers could use our company e-mail and phone extension to contact us and their clients. Our on-site transaction coordinator would solve the problems of the brokers in the field and would guide them with the right procedures, whenever and wherever needed. We provide a free list of BPO/REO companies to all our brokers. Our in-house marketing department would help the brokers in the design of the website, ad materials, flyers, and all other propaganda materials. Apart from 100% commission CA on each transaction, we offer bonuses for referring another agent and commissions for loan referrals also.

Ongoing Training to Brokers

It is important that our agents are properly licensed to operate as real estate agents. To help them, we had partnered with Allied Real Estate School to offer several training programs that start from a modest package of $188. The Fast Track Program Premium would help an aspiring person, who is new to the industry, to become a full-pledged broker. This program would provide the aspirant all the tools to pass the official real estate state exam of the state of California and obtain the 4-year broker license. This is an online learning program and the aspirant could undergo the training from the comforts of his/her home. On the other hand, persons with adequate experience in the California real estate market could avail the $188 Fast Track Program to progress in their career as real estate agents. Whichever program is preferred by you, you would still be eligible to take advantage of our 100% commission CA schemes.

From the abovementioned crucial factors that could be of immense support to the individual real estate brokers of California, it would be quite apparent that joining Realty Source, Inc. and participate in our 100% commission CA program is the ideal choice for those who wish to become successful realtors in California, wherever they reside within the state. We are currently looking for real estate agents in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, and all other areas of California. Contact us for complete details in becoming partners in our growth path.

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