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We have developed a revolutionary 100% commission program at Realty Source, Inc. This might be hard to believe but it really works and our agents spread all over California just love it. This 100% commission program had been designed in two types of plan. In the first plan, the 100% commission would be a regular payment of $99 per month, along with the transaction commission being $99 for each transaction by the agent. The E&O insurance would be paid by the broker.

In the second plan, the 100% commission is paid differently. The regular monthly payment would be $69, while the transaction fee would be $399 for each sales transaction. In this plan also, the E&O insurance would be paid by the broker. Imagine the amount that you would be able to earn with this type of commission.

Apart from our unique 100% commission programs, we offer unparalleled support to our agents. We provide them access to a broker from 9am to 7 pm, even on weekends. Our agents also have access to our exclusive legal hotline in an emergency at no cost. All the enquiries by our agents are answered within about 4 hours. We provide free webpage for each agent. We do not charge any franchise fees. We do not set any minimum sales targets. It is up to the agents to decide how much sales volumes they want to achieve. We only ensure that they are adequately compensated for their efforts.

Each Realty Source agent has the opportunity to have their own company e-mail address and phone extension. We provide training to all our agents on an ongoing basis so that they are able to realize their full potential in this tough California real estate market. When you join Realty Source, you will feel the difference..

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