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El Centro, California is a medium-sized town in Imperial County of the state. It forms part of El Centro in the California Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 2006, the population of the town was around 11,750. The town possesses a desert climate and is considered one of the hottest towns in US, with temperatures averaging around 110oF in July. el centro 100 commissionThe town was incorporated in 1904. The population density of the town was about 1,932 per km2 in 2006. The number of housing units was estimated at 2,385 in 2006, with an average density of about 235.5 per km2. The median income of a single household in Imperial was around $50,000 and the median income of a family was about $53,000.

Due to its proximity to El Centro, during the annual California Mid-Winter Fair conducted in February every year, more than 100,000 visitors flock to El Centro. The visitors to Imperial Coutny mostly arrive from Mexico, Baja California, and Mexicali, apart from people from Southern California and other states of US. This provides a very good opportunity for tourism-related real estate development and real estate brokers could benefit from our 100% commission El Centro commission plans.

Imperial is situated between the major cities of California and Arizona in US and the neighboring country of Mexico in the south.El Centro/Imperial County is bordered by San Bernadino to the north, Riverside to the northwest and San Diego to the west. El Centro is located 146 Miles from San Diego, 288 miles from Los Angeles, 213 miles from Riverside, and 219 miles from San Bernadino.

The State Route 111 is a major north-south corridor for NAFTA shipping. This route is also the main travel route to the International border between US and Mexico, leading to the Port of Entry of Calexico. The state route is estimated to have about an average of 10,000 vehicles per day. The rapid residential and commercial developments taking place in the town are expected to double this vehicular traffic in the next two decades. The town offers attractive real estate bargains in industrial land, with a competitive workforce and steady growth of industries. Hence, there is plenty of opportunity for real estate brokers in Imperial to seize the opportunity and profit from our 100% commission Imperial program.

El Centro is only 20 miles away from one of the United States most visited recreation locations. The Imperial San Dunes Recreation Area is a state park featuring rolling hills and challengin terrain called 100% commission el centro”Dunes”. This area attracts as much as 250,000 people over a Thanksgiving weekend. For Southern California, Arizona, El Centro, and Imperial residents this is a common place to visit to relax with your family and enjoy the beutiful Algodones Sand Dunes of Southern California

Imperial County is home to many 100% Commission real estate agents and realtors in El Centro, Calexico, Brawley, Imperial, Calipatria, Holtville, Westmoreland, Heber, Seeley, Niland, Salton City, Desert Shores, Winterhaven, Salton Sea Beach, Bombay Beach, Ocotillo, and Palo Verde.

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