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Realty Source, Inc. is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in California. The corporate office is situated in San Diego, with other virtual office locations in Los Angeles, Orange County,San Francisco, Sacramento, Southern California, Northern California, and Riverside /San Bernardino. Further, partnership arrangements have enabled us to have office locations in several key areas in Southern California to support our agents.

Our backbone is the hundreds of independent real estate agents who work from their home. Hence, we offer them the business address they need in their area for meetings, REO accounts, and other real estate related matters. However, our entire approach to the real estate business in California is a completely new version of the 100% commission structure known to many real estate agents. We ensure that the hard working agents earn more than what would normally be possible for them with conventional real estate companies. Due to this totally different outlook from our part, our commission plans are the highest in California.100% commission

A few examples would support our above assertion. If your annual sales volume is $2 million, your sales commission would be $60,000. This commission increases progressively with the rise in the sales volume. If you bring a sales volume of $10 million in a year, then your sales commission would be whopping $300,000. This triples to $900,000, when your sales volume also triples to $30 million. Thus, the sales commission offered to our agents averages at 3% per transaction.

Only the office fee of $99 would be deducted from each transaction towards E&O insurance. You would be able to calculate yourself how high our commissions are when you compare them with what others offer. There is no wonder more and more agents are joining us to be part of our successful team in real estate business in California. The only requirement is that the new agent should have either a salesperson or brokers license, issued by the California Department of Real Estate. Talk to our broker to know more about our 100% commission real estate agent program. Realty Source is a licensed Californa real estate e broker.

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