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The real estate market in the United States suffered a serious setback in 2008 and many realtors and real estate companies left the business, assuming that there is not much scope in this field anymore. However, that presumption was not the right one. It is true that premature foreclosures had put a severe strain on the financial lenders and the job cuts had brought down the number of new home buyers to low levels. On the other hand, the prices of homes and properties had also dipped considerably. If this factor is looked at with a positive approach, which we did at Realty Source, Inc. you would realize that the lower real estate prices offer greater opportunity to invest in yourself. This is the right time for investment in becoming a better agent and earning more, particularly in California. With this crucial fact in mind, we devised a novel program of 100% commission real estate to help aspiring and enthusiastic real estate agents in all areas of California.

Real Estate Opportunities in Cities of California

We have our corporate office in San Diego, with branch offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside / San Bernardino, Fresno, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and many others. Apart from this, we have partnered with office services providers in all the key cities of California, to assist the realtors who wish to enjoy our 100% commission real estate programs, while operating in their own city with our full support in all the key areas of developing their business. Let us take a brief look at some of the cities where Realty Source 100% commission agents are located:

  • Fresno, the fifth largest city in California is the gateway to Sierra National Forest and Kings Canyon National Parks. The city council is promotion new construction activity by ordering the demolition of most of the old buildings and structures.
  • Imperial is quite a small city but the visit of more than 100,000 visitors from all the states of US and the neighboring Mexico to attend the Mid-Winter Fair conducted annually in February and its importance as the main travel route to Mexico provide ample opportunities for realtors to implement our 100% commission real estate schemes and boost their income.
  • Marin County is ranked fifth in per capita income in US, averaging around $91,500. This affluence of the county is proof enough for the bright future of real estate in this region.
  • Merced in San Joaquin Valley is the gateway to Yosemite National Park and the Monterey Bay. We strongly believe that there is a huge untapped real estate market potential in this region.
  • Monterey, declared as ‘Language Capital of the World’ by the California Governor is a crucial learning center for several world languages. The opportunities for real estate growth in Monterey are quite obvious.
  • Sacramento is the capital of California and ranks among the top ten ‘most livable’ cities in US. It is also known as the most peacefully integrated city in the country, with a mix of people belonging to various ethnic origins from all over the world. Sacramento is an ideal area for real estate investment and brokers should utilize our 100% commission real estate to profit in this growing market.
  • The major construction activities taking place in the Verdemont area of San Bernardino, apart from active real estate growth in other parts of the city, supported by the city administration, make us believe that San Bernardino is poised to provide profitable opportunity for realtors in the city.
  • The potential of real estate industry in San Francisco, the fourth largest city in the state, need be stressed too much. The tourists visiting the city were more than 16 million in 2007, presenting a whopping $8.2 billion funds flow into the city economy.
  • The real estate markets of Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, and Ventura are also steadily growing and realtors from these cities are joining our 100% commission real estate program to benefit from the advantages and support offered by us.

As such, at Realty Source, Inc. we provide complete support to the real estate brokers in all the locations mentioned above and we had equipped ourselves to offer virtual office facilities in these cities, as well as in other cities and towns in California. Wherever you reside in California, you could benefit from our unique 100% commission real estate programs and achieve increased income generation from the comforts of your home. Sieze this rare opportunity to join hands with us and we will guide you along the path to success as a realtor in California.

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