Do you have Errors and Omissions Insurance?

YES!!! We are insured with an AM BEST A-Rated Insurance Carrier. You can be assured that we will always carry adequate amounts of insurance. Our insurance includes free legal support, and agent-owned property coverage.

How are you different than other “100%” or “e” brokers?

We actually do as we promise, offer incredible support, have no hidden fees, and offer the highest commission in California. Just because you earn 100% Commission, does not mean you should sacrifice support. We offer 100% Commission and 100% support for a low monthly...

Do you have a Transaction Coordinator?

YES! We have an In-House Transaction Coordinator that ONLY works for Realty Source. T.C. Prices:      $299 per side (Includes copy of every file for you and your client) *This is an optional fee  ...

What do I do If I have a question or a problem?

All of our agents have DIRECT access to the broker daily from 7am – 7pm, EVEN WEEKENDS! All inquiries are answered within 3 hours. All of our agents also have access to our FREE “Stress Less” legal hotline. The level of support we offer is what sets us apart from our...
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